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Radios, Receivers and Simulators

FlySky 6 Channel Radio w/Receiver
FlySky 6 Channel Radio w/Receiver

Need a radio but don't want to spend a wad of cash?  Here you go.  6 channels of love!  This bad boy is loaded for the price.  6 channels, LCD screen, 2.4 ghz, and since it's a computer radio, you can mix elevon to fly combat wings and who doesn't love flying combat?  It comes with a 6 channel receiver and required 4AA batteries.

6 channel 2.4ghz radio with telemetry capability
Supports Heli/Standard Wing/Elevon/V-Tail
20 Model Memory
8 Character Model Name
Trainer port
Backlit LCD Screen displays real time transmitter and receiver voltage
4 Stick Mode Selectable

Frequency: 2.4ghz ISM Frequency Range
Modulation: GFSK
Spread Spectrum Mode: AFHDS 2A and AFHDS
Band: 142
Number of Frequency Channels: 20
Output Power: <=20dbm
Working Current: <=100mA
Working Voltage: 1.5v x 4 AA
Dimensions: 174x89x190mm
Weight: 392g
Resolution: 1024 bit
Stick Mode: Mode 2 (Throttle Left)

Requires:4 x AA
Includes 6 channel receiver.

FlySky 6 Channel Radio

FrSky Taranis 2.4ghz w/X8R Receiver
FrSky Taranis 2.4ghz w/X8R Receiver

This is the one that everyone is using and for good reason.  Undoubtedly the most versatile radio on the market today.

Brand name: Frsky
Item name: Taranis X9D Plus with X8R receiver
Channels: up to 16 channels
Battery capacity: 2000mAh
Operating voltage: 6-15V( 2S 3S lipo are acceptable)
Operating current: 270mah maximum
LCD screen
Model memories: 60 (extendable by SD card)
Compatibility: FrSky x series an V8-II series receiver

1. Up to 16 channels
2. Four ball bearing gimbals
3. Two-module two-frequency system
4. Three selectable modes
5. 2 color backlit LCD selectable(blue & white,Orange & white)
6. Upgrade the firmware by using SD card directly, no need to install any driver
7. Smart port supported,USB, Haptic
8. Receiver match,RSSI(Receiver signal strength)
9. Audio speech output(values,alarms,settings,etc)
10. Real time flight data logging
11. Vibration alerts

Package Included:
1 x FrSky 2.4G ACCST Taranis X9D Plus Transmitter(white box package)
1 x X8R receiver
1 x 2000mah battery
1 x Charger
1 x manual

Taranis w/receiver 922601

Turnigy 9X 2.4G 9CH System
Turnigy 9X 2.4G 9CH System

This radio is loaded with features.  It comes on Mode 2 (throttle stick on the left) and includes an 8 channel receiver.  Flashed with v2 firmware giving the radio tons of features.  Some of which include 8 model memory, Delta mixing, Elevon mixing, Glider features and many more and if you don't like the firmware, you can flash it with something you like (firmware flash programmer is not included).

Turnigy 9X w/8 channel rec

FrSky D4R-II 2.4 4channel
FrSky D4R-II 2.4 4channel

Nice and small for all of your quad and park flier needs. 

Brand name: Frksy
Item name: D4R-II receiver
Operating Range: full range (>1.5km)
Operating Voltage Range: 3.5~10V
Operating Current: 60mA
Number of Channels: 4
Dimension: 40 x 22.5 x 6mm
Weight: 5g

Compatible with FrSky two way telemetry modules: DFT, DJT, DHT, DHT-U

Firmware upgradeable
Lighter weight and physically smaller
Alarm warning on low voltage, poor reception, etc.
One external analog telemetry port and one digital data-stream port (connect to FrSky Sensor Hub FSH-01)
RSSI (PWM) and CPPM output - If CH3 and CH4 are connected by a jumper, CH1 will output CPPM for CH1~CH8, and CH2 will output RSSI (PWM)

FrSky D4R-II


FlySky Receivers
FlySky Receivers

FlySky makes some great receivers and all under $20!  Choose from 3, 6 or 8 channels (the dime is not included with your order).  Most common question is "Will they work with my Turnigy 9X?"  The answer is YES if it's V2!

Receiver 6 CH FS-TH9X

Receiver 8 CH FS-TH9X

Spektrum Compatible Orange 6 Channel 2.4 RX (Park)
Spektrum Compatible Orange 6 Channel 2.4 RX (Park)

6 channels on a budget?  These work great in combat wings and park fliers.  I've flown them in sWARm after sWARm and never had any problems.  That's not bad considering we've had 40 guys in the air at a time.

Receiver 6 Ch Orange 2.4 Spek Comp R615X