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34" Pelican Trainer

It might not look like much but this is one of those plane kits you only have to buy once because it's so dang durable.  The kit is made from EPP foam so your getting a kit that be flyable for years and years and years.  The build is pretty straight forward as you can see from the video below.  It uses inexpensive components. Another nice thing about these kits, once there trimmed out, they can fly by themselves.  My 8 year old son who has no RC experience at all was able to fly this kit. 

**Large item.  2 or more will require additional shipping fees.**

34" Pelican

The components needed to finish the kit;

2812 Proportion Kit (includes motor, Esc, Prop)
3 or more channel radio & receiver
1300mah 11.1v Battery and Charger
2 - 9gram Servos

Inside the kit
Inside the kit

For Building Instructions, Click on the link below.
Pelican Building Instructions