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Slow Stick Build Page

Slow Stick Construction Page 2

Slow Stick Construction Page 3 Motor Prep

Slow Stick Construction Page 4 Wing

Join the 2 halfs of the fuse with the included hardware. 

I like to now put all the parts on the fuse.  I do mine in a different order than what the manual suggests.  i do this so my battery can be in front of the wind and on the top of the fuse.  This way the battery cant catapult off in a high G loop.

This is a closer picture of the servo mounting brackets.  Make sure you get them on facing the correct way.

Here I look for the side of the elevator that is mostly cut.  With a knife I cut the small pieces that are keeping the elevator from moving.  DO NOT CUT all the way through the elevator.  Keep it attached.  Because the material is not cut all the way through, it will act as a natural hinge.

Here you can see the elevator bent in half but still hinged.

You need to cut a 45 degree angle out of the elevator so it can flex back and forth.  I always cut my 45 out of the elevator and not the stabalizer.  This way if I mess up really bad I only have replace the elevator piece.

There are many ways to cut this 45.  Some people use a ruler, some sand it.  I myself just use a sharp knife and free hand it.  DO NOT CUT ALL THE WAY THROUGHT.  It will make it eaiser to hinge it.

This is the bottom with the 45 cut out.

Here you will check to make sure the hinge will move clearly.

Okay, I'll admit.  I messed up.  At this point you need to put the tape hinge on as you see in the picture.  I forgot as you will see in the rest of the pictures.  The natural hinge worked so good I didn't think twice about it.  Make sure you put the tape from the sticker sheet on the hinge line.  Make sure it moves freely and your in business.

Attach the tail with the provided hardware and use one of the white plastic reinforment pieces to the bottom as shown in the next picture.  Just snug the nuts.  I like to put a small dab of CA on each so they don't come loose.

Here is a view of the bottom of the Slow Stick.  You can see the plastic reinforcement piece.  Just snug the nuts, don't over tighten. 

This step is basicly the same as the elevator step.  DO NOT CUT ALL THE WAY THROUGH.  Using a sharp knife cut 45 degrees out of the rudder so it can move freely back and forth. 

Use a small piece of hinge tape from the sticker sheet.  Yes, I forgot.  The hinges were working so well with out.

You will now need to stick a small piece of double sided sticky tape (included) to the tail section.  This is what will hold the rudder to the tail section.

Here I am sticking the tail section to the fuse.  Make sure you get a good tight bond.  Sometimes I will use a little hot glue if the tape doesnt feel like it's going to hold.

Here you see the servos installed.  Notice the servo wires point towards the front of the fuse.

Cut the control horns off the tree.

Install the control horns.  I use a little bit of hot glue or CA to make sure the control horns stay in place.

Slow Stick Construction Page 2