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Slow Stick Build Page #2

The control horns are installed.

I use a lighter to heat the control rod to enlarge the holes in the control horns.  Make sure you burn your fingers at this point.  I always do!

I use a lighter to make larger holes in the servo heads as well.

Attach the control rods to the control horns using the control rod attachers (I have no idea what there called).  You need to feed the contol rod through the guide holes.  The unbent end will be the end that goes into the servo heads.

This looks like the same picture as before only a bit clearer.  It must be very important.  Nope not really. Just make sure you hook em up. 

All hooked up.  The controls should operate freely.

You can see the control rods and how they are ran.  I like the straight ends by the servos so I can put a bend in them as you can see in the next picture.

I use a leatherman cus its all I have.  It works.  Just make sure to bend both to the same length.

Attach them using the control rod attachements.

I never have been able to figure out which piece is supposed to hold on the tail wheel.  I use the piece from the picuture and cut off the small end part.  Just use what works.

Insert the tailwheel assembly into the tailwheel holder.  I use my trusty leatherman to help with this.

I then put the front wheels into the assembly and the fuse is ready.

Slow Stick Construction Page 3 Motor Prep