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Slow Stick Build Page #3 Motor prep

Use the provided screws to mount the motor to the motor mount like in the picture.

Pull the prop adapter from the box (I hope nobody gets confused on this step.  Seems kinda hard.)

Slide the prop adapter over the prop shaft.  Give it a good push so it's nice and snug.

Ohhhhh, that's what those black circles are for!  Find the one that best fits the shaft.  Break it from the tree and then put the prop on over it.

Put the prop on and then the prop washer and prop nut.  Tighten but don't over tighten.  The tighter you crank the nut, the tighter the prop adapter will hold on to the shaft.

Use the provided black screws to hold the motor and motor mount to the fuse stick.  Be careful not to put it on too tight or it will break the fuse.  It's a good idea to slide a wooden dowel or piece of square basswood from your local hardware store in the fuse.  Then you can really tighten the screws down.

Slow Stick Construction Page 4 Wing