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Slow Stick Build Page #4 Wing

To hold the glass rods in place I use some small strips of tape.  Once I have them where I want them with a few pieces, I get out the boxing tape.  I have tried the strips that come on the sticker sheet with the kit but they always seem to come unstuck.  Box tape works great and is easy to get.  Use the strips that comes with the kit for now and if it comes unstuck, just put some box tape over it.

There it is all taped up.

Wow! Thats confusing.  You are looking at the wing with the leading edge pointed down at the table.  This is how you will make the CG.  Take your favorite measuring device and measure in 100mm.  Mark the CG so you can eaisly see it.  I check mine before each flight incase something has slid on stick when in transit to the field.

Battery is on and ready to rock!  To start this pig up, this is what you need to do.  1. Make sure your radio is on.  2. Make sure your throttle is all the way down.  3. Plug the battery into the ESC.  4. Listen for the ESC to confirm it's ready.  5. Hold onto the plane but keep your hands out of the way and give it just a little throttle and see if the prop spins.  If for some reason it doesn't spin then I guess you did something wrong and you'll have to use the email address provided below.